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We provide all kinds of Kite Aerial Photography services like developing systems, building rigs and cradles to your specifications, and of course taking aerial pictures by kite of your property, events, festivals, boats, roofs…


The rigs we make are hi-tech contraptions, built with carbon frames with particular attention to strength and light weight! They will carry an expensive camera that will be lifted in the air, maybe above persons (dangerous!), and will be subject to all kinds of jerks, swings, rolls etc. from the kite line! Therefore strength and reliability is very important to us. We use high-end micro and pico servo’s and receivers, tiny (yet powerful enough for long KAP sessions) batteries, ball bearings etc. Great care is taken to balance all the individual subframes in a rig, so that the servo’s will only have to provide minimal torque, thereby greatly reducing the electric power consumption and thus spare the batteries.


We do not make kites, but work together with some of the best kite makers in the world to make secure lifters, adapted to the rig and the type of work and winds that will be encountered.


We will add pictures of the rigs we built and the kites on this site, but if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


As for the pictures we can take, please look in the galleries. Unfortunately several photos were badly scanned in and need to be replaced (when I have time…). I still am not a master scanner, but I can do already better now, so take the time to revisit this site from time to time.