About Altina



Altina is a company registered in Belgium and is active in several domains:


We provide all kinds of Kite Aerial Photography services like developing systems, building rigs and cradles to your specifications, and of course taking aerial pictures by kite of your property, events, festivals, boats, roofs…

This is the activity this website currently highlights.


We also are active in managerial and technical Consulting in the Building Industry, mainly in roofs and their components. We can provide help with designing roof systems, with the specification of the materials, of the installation methods and with the inspection, maintenance and renovation of roofs. We have a competent team of suppliers and contractors to actually install, inspect, diagnose, repair and maintain your roofs.

We can provide the same services in the renovation of houses and apartments.


A third activity is providing Language Services with a focus on Dutch, English and Spanish, but also on French and German. We are particularly specialised in Subtitling from English and Spanish into Dutch. We can subtitle movies, educational programs, technical video’s etc.

We are also competent as language teachers in Dutch, English and Spanish.


If you have any questions related to those topics, just ask us, either by e-mail, fax or phone. You can find the details by clicking the “More Info” link in the frame on the left.